You are Whole

Dr. Wallace believes that having awareness of your own gifts and understanding the factors contributing to your health physically and energetically is a necessity on the path to healing.


Dr. Wallace uses her  gift of intuition, her artistic skills and her medical experience to help you take a deep dive into the beauty and complexity of your individual energy system. 


In this reading, she will intuitively "read" the subtle factors that are contributing to your illness and  health. 


This reading includes:

*Direct guidance on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical factors influencing health

*A personalized body map to help navigate your life

*Chakra assessment-strengths & challenges

*Your Systems of Support



Your individualized

Window of Health 

offers guidance for

8 specific areas of influence: 

  1. infection

  2. environmental factors

  3. allergies

  4. structural/genetic factors

  5.  beliefs systems

  6. stress factors

  7. ancestral influences 

  8. "other" factors


Dr Wallace will offer direction on addressing each of these areas including suggestions for lifestyle modification. 

The window of health is included in a full Medical Intuitive reading or

as stand alone guidance in the mini-Medical Intuitive reading.  

Medical Intuitive readings are especially helpful to uncover the underlying causes of illness, the priorities in addressing health, the strengths and superpowers contributing to wellness and in gaining understanding the relationship between the many factors involved in maintaining health.

A Medical Intuitive reading is not a substitute for medical care. 

No diagnosis or prescription will be given. 



90min Medical Intuitive Readings include a personalized body map. 


Dr. Wallace receives and draws your map prior to your visit.  Each map is completely unique and helps her to interpret your strengths, challenges and spiritual support.

Each map includes:

  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual guidance.

  • Balance of masculine (giving) and feminine (receiving).

  • Connections to your roots.

  • Complete chakra assessment.

  • How others see you.

  • How others see your power.

  • Physical imbalance and causes for illness.

  • Your own unique superpowers.

  • Direct messages from your guides.

A Closer Look at The Body Map

The Body Map: This is a drawing I do prior to meeting my client. Once I am given permission, I meditate and tap into the client’s energy signature and draw a picture that represents the main factors in the person’s life in terms of the questions they have asked. The map itself has particular areas, colors and symbols, all of which have specific meanings to me. (example above)

When I talk to the person face to face, I then work through the map, interpreting what it with them. I rarely draw things that people don’t already know about themselves. Most of the time, the body map just confirms the life circumstances they are currently in, like an energy "selfie.” It is validating to be seen and heard, which can be healing too. Often, the body map helps to address fears of major imbalances. There are colors and signs of illness that come through on the maps.


Addressing what the body is showing with acceptance will likely reduce fear, no matter the level of imbalance in the system.

Here are aspects of the energy field the body map highlights:

  • Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical level guidance: What does the person’s spirit team have to say about each level of support?

  • The chakras: Each reading focuses on one chakra as the area of imbalance and one or two that represent the dominant strength to bring back balance.

  • Power: How others experience the person’s power, and how do they experience power in their own life?

  • How they face the world: How others perceive them and how they experience their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Masculine and Feminine balance: The balance of giving and receiving in the person’s life, and how capable they feel in each area, as well as blocks to each.

  • Connections to family of origin: Have they lost their roots?  Are they grounded and supported in the world?

  • Expression, perception and special senses: What is the person tuned into in their current life?  How does guidance come most easily for them, and what are their superpowers?


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