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Q: I have health insurance and want to see Dr. Wallace as a Naturopathic Doctor?

Great! Dr. Wallace no longer bills for insurance plans, but she will see you as an out-of-network provider.  This means payment will be due at the time of your visit and we will give you a Superbill: a form with diagnostic codes and insurance reimbursement codes that you can send to your insurance company in order for them to reimburse you for the visit.  You can also pay for your visit on any Health Savings Accounts.  She offers discount rates for patients on Medicaid plans.


Q: I don’t have health insurance and want to see Dr. Wallace as a Naturopathic Doctor?

            Great! Dr. Wallace is happy to see you.  Payment for visit will be due at the time of service.  She offers discount rates for patients eligible for Medicaid plans.  First office visit is $210 and 60min.  Follow up visits cost $140-$170 depending on time and complexity.  


Q: Does Dr. Wallace offer any Functional Medicine Testing?

           Dr. Wallace provides orders for a variety of functional medicine tests, some of which can be billed to insurance.  These include: Food Allergy testing, Stool testing, Hormone panels, Heavy Metal toxicity and Neurotransmitter tests.

Q: What is a Medical Intuitive reading?

            In a 90 min medical intuitive reading, Dr. Wallace will do a meditation in which she taps into your energy field prior to your session and draws a personalized bodymap.  She uses this map and a system called “your window of health” as a guide to help you navigate through your health issues to find the root causes for illness and the factors most likely to support health.  If you’d like more information, visit the Medical Intuitive tab on our website.  


Q: What if I just need a quick intuitive reading on one health condition?

            Dr. Wallace offers 30min Mini-Medical Intuitive Readings.  These readings are just guidance on the primary factors contributing to imbalance and best actions to take to regain health.  These readings cost $85.


Q: What is Live Blood Analysis?

          Live Blood analysis involves taking a sample of your living blood (through one finger prick) and viewing it under brightfield and darkfield microscopy.  Seeing your blood helps highlight the effect of your lifestyle choices and offers guidelines for: Nutritional Imbalances, Vitamin & Nutrient deficiencies, Digestive & Absorption issues, Chronic Infection, Liver congestion, Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Inflammation and others.  This technique is not a diagnostic procedure for any specific disease. Cost is $125/45min session.  This service cannot be billed through insurance.

Q: Do I have to fast for my Live Blood Analysis Appointment?

           Yes. Please avoid all foods for four hours prior to your visit.  Water is okay and it will be most helpful if you are fully hydrated at your appointment.

Q: What is the IEM Membership?

           The IEM (Intuitive Energy Medicine) Membership is a deep dive into transforming your health through a series of medical intuitive readings and exercises designed to help reveal the primary factors that contribute to your health, highlight your spiritual purpose and engage your superpowers in creating a life you love.