The Art of Evolution

Ready to Explore the Uncharted Territories of YOU?

Is it time to let your intuitive knowing lead your life?


Are you ready to move past diagnosis and illness and find your individual compass for health?


Do you want to take the lead in our collective evolution?


Access to your own personal medical intuitive

Maps of your energy field


Customized meditation practices


Group transformation work


Dr AubreyWallace

Intuition & Art meet Science

Dr Wallace has been a professional Medical Intuitive since 2013.

She is a 3rd generation healer & empath.

She worked for 20 years as an intuitive bodywork professional.

She has been teaching since 1998.

Dr Wallace uses her art as a medium to get an objective read (or map) of your energy body to assist you in navigating the often complex waters of health.

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Next Wave Sept 15th


 The sessions are clarifying, empowering and filled with love. Dr Wallace is funny, honest, humble and embodies surrender. Her energy and demeanor are like a best friend holding my hand, being curious, supportive and helping me keep a sense of humor about life. Incredibly loving and supportive. 

I say it is like my therapy, my energy work and my naturopath all in one, its incredible.


 This program has been so helpful. Sometimes/often I don’t know where to start with my own processing and thoughts. Dr. Wallace is great at guiding me to answer or help me see that my guides are here helping me. 

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The Art of Evolution