Services and Packages

Please find the service that resonates to you based on the path you are on now. If this is your first time, the 30 min. session is highly recommended. I recommend the packages if you are needing support and guidance in the midst of your life transformation or spiritual awakening. The combo immersion is a joint session that I tag team with Naturopath and Medical Intuitive Dr. Aubrey Wallace in understanding the underlying ancestral and energetic patterns happening in your life and body. Experience your session in the privacy of your own refuge, office, blanket fort or home via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or phone.  
Request availability for distance sessions below.


Things to Know Before You Go

What to bring: Bring an open- mind (this is an adventure, every experience is different). Know that our time together is a co- creative process- you and the attitude that you bring to your session matters.

Please Bring a journal or recording device. Yes, you can use your phone to record. If you have questions, please bring them. There will be an opportunity to address as much as we can within the time given. 

Is your session confidential?: Yes, All sessions are confidential. Your messages and experience are yours- I will not remember nor record your session. Honoring the integrity and respecting this sacred experience: There is a process in establishing connection and insight in our session which takes time and is sacred. Please note: I am not responsible for remembering or recording your session.

After a session, any emails, texts or calls with psychic, intuitive or mediumship questions for seeking "clarity" about previous session will not be answered