Listening IN

You will need: paper and writing implement, a timer, a quiet and undisturbed space.

Print out the Listening In Handout Below or write in your journal.


Think of three questions about your body or your health.  Ask anything you want to know.

Write down all three of your questions on your page, leaving a space underneath for an answer.  Example:

    Question 1) Why can’t I seem to ever lose weight?



    Question 2) What do I need to do about my knee pain?



    Question 1) What is true about this viral epidemic?



When you have completed your questions.  Set your timer for 10 minutes. 


Sit up, if possible, with your spine comfortably straight.  Pen, timer, and question-page at easy access and your eyes closed.

When you are ready, start your timer.

Ground your body (0r ask the earth to come ground you). Bring all of your attention to listening.  First, hear any sounds going on around you.  Then direct your attention into your body.


Notice any sensations.  Watch/feel them with soft curiosity, taking a gentle inventory of how your inner world feels right now. 


Notice your thoughts come and go, keeping your attention on listening in. Do this until you feel a sense of a space opening up inside of you.

Then, imagine you have a huge eye in the middle of your head, straight back from your forehead, about the size of a grapefruit. 

Imagine that eye looking up past the crown of your head.  Feel this lighten your body slightly.

Now ask your first question aloud or in your head.

Listen and wait, until you hear/see/feel/know your answer.

Open your eyes and jot down the answer to the first question.


Then close them again and focus back into the feeling of open space.  Make sure your huge eye is still looking up.

Ask your second question and listen for the answer. 

Jot it down and repeat once more with the third question.

When you have all of your answers, thank your body, intuition, and guidance and allow your huge eye to look forward again or close and rest.

If you are having difficulty getting an answer, stop when the timer goes off and try the exercise again daily for a few days, strictly staying within the 10 minutes.  Your system will adapt to your routine. 

Action Plan

Choose one action to take today based on your guidance and commit to taking it.  

You've got this!