My Story

Get a paper and pen/pencil &

Print your handouts by clicking the button below.

This exercise is best done with another person. Tell your story to that person and together work to refine your answers. If you would like to work alone, you may find telling your story out loud and recording it to listen back may be helpful for refining. (Est. time ~1hour)


Complete your life spiral and fill in answers to all questions. Pick your preferred future. 

1) Print your: My Story Handout.


2) Start by looking at your Life Spiral, you will be filling it in as you tell your story.  

3) Answer the questions on the page that says: My Story on the top.


A) I am born. Describe your birth process in only four words. You will need to start by telling the story of your mother’s pregnancy, delivery and afterward with as much detail as possible. Then try to find the four words that would best describe the feelings that represent each step of the birth transition.


B) What is your earliest memory?


C) Think of one of the first major events in your life. C1) what was the outcome of that event for you? Name at least one good outcome and one bad outcome.


Repeat instructions from #5 above for two other major events in your life.


D) What is your favorite memory?


E) What is happening in your life story right now?


F) what is the most probable future for your current life story?

F1) name a different possible future you could have.

F2) What else could be possible for you if you look at your life another way?


It time to fill in your spiral! Starting with your birth transition words, follow the key to fill in the details of your spiral. Look for any patterns that emerge for you. Once you have listed your possible futures, choose the one you want and connect your spiral to it.

(Optional) My Team side of the handout: List all the most significant characters in your life story. Who is still significant?


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