Free Your Spirit!


Are you a Goddess at a Crossroads?

Trying to stay in alignment with yourself and your highest good while screaming at the rafters? Are you in the midst of the biggest fight with yourself and have decided to let go of what no longer serves you? Are you breaking through generational moldings and are wondering what's next? This plan is meant for you. Click below for more details

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Rooted Conversations

Some things are beyond words! Tap into your inner voice through individualized affirmations, songs and chants. Go on a journey in 10 sessions to honor your inner roots and restore your strength. All are welcome! We will explore what's keeping you root bound through writing, laughter, some good old truth talking. Warning: This stuff may get emotional- this is not for the fluffy hearted. The courage of vulnerability is needed for this work.

Coming Soon! YOU Unearth! Satsang

Join Jaiyatunde in her teachings of freeing our Spirit through love, self- compassion and acceptance. This is a question and answer conversation.

Warning: Humaness and humor are encouraged. There may be a curse word thrown around here and there.


Choose the Journey that is right for you

  • Guidance, Please!

    Sweet Spirit, are you at a crossroads? Let's talk.
    Valid for 5 months
  • Hugging Your Roots!

    Celebrate Who You Are! Courage and vulnerability welcomed
    Valid for 5 months
  • A Joyful Medium

    Perfect for all levels of the unfolding natural medium
    Valid for one year