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This is your Body.

Although you talk all day long…

And we talk all day long…

Have you been properly introduced to us?

You see, we are a very complex community of tiny (to you) beings.

We are many. More than 30 trillion cells actually, and bacteria, which outnumber the cells at least 30 to 1, and the fungus among us, along with viruses, parasites, and creatures you have not even discovered yet. We all inhabit the body’s organs, tissues and inner environments. Kind of like the trillions of different humans, animals and plants living in the different terrains on your planet earth.

And, like you, we little beings are all unique. No cell or bacteria is exactly the same as another. And, like you, each of us has a purpose. Also like you, we have specialized communities in which we do different jobs, have different preferences, eat different things, have different rates of growth and death, different ways of reproducing ourselves, different susceptibilities to our environment, even different DNA. And, together, we are MUCH more than each of us is individually.

If you are reading this, you are probably someone who is interested in your health. Have you considered US in your musings on being healthy? Have you thought about asking for our input on the subject? We are the inhabitants of this thing you call your “Body.” We are here, for the most part, to support you and would be happy to have a better way to let you know how to support us in return.

What does it mean to be healthy? Does it just mean being free from disease? From Dis-ease? Do you define life as being free from death? Light as being free from the dark or color as being free from black or white? It’s a bit more complex than that, no?

We, your body, would like to talk with you.

To introduce you to us, to our communities, our inner terrains, and to talk about our many activities.

We hope that if you can begin to understand even some of what goes into carrying you through your life, you will find the sense of amazement that we feel when we ponder how it all somehow works together, miraculously, day after day.

So excited you are listening!

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