Listen2YourBody Blog 3


Body, can we talk about trust?

Body: (Excited bubbling up sensation from deep in the belly.)

How can I trust my choices regarding my health?

Body: (Feeling of walking, one step at a time. Noticing something and picking it up. Looking around. Feeling like picking up a stone while walking on a trail and feeling if it should come home with me. Cuddling it to my chest OR tossing it aside. Walking on.)

Body, do you trust me?

Body: Aubrey, we are an US. It's like asking a tree if it trusts the wind. Or asking a bird if it trusts the sky. You are the wind. You are the sky. We are the birds and trees of the US.

Body, can I trust you?

Body: Ooooo, this one is interesting! Which part are you asking and about what question?

Ask a question.

How do I know which food cravings to listen to? I mean, I want the granola bar or the coffee, are those good for me/us?

Body: (Feeling of laughter.) Are you paying attention? Each thing you choose to bring into this body becomes a part of you. Some things stay only a little while and pass through. Others stick around a long time. That granola bar: feels good-exciting, crunchy, sweet, salty, (healthy feeling) AND bad-sugary, deceptive, (breaking the rules/free feeling). Do you need a little risk today? A little breaking free? You are not craving a triple expresso, or ice cream. Why not? How do those feel to you? Food offers an opportunity to engage in communion. To connect many parts of US. With awareness, it can be so exciting to eat!

Anything else you would like to say about trust?

Body: We don't think you realize the complexity of who and what you are. Try, just for a moment to be open to the experience of you.

(can't describe this should try it yourself)