Listen2YourBody 6

Pain in the Butt

*Left hip is cramping with pain. Crying from frustration.*

Body what is going on?

Body: (Sensation of force coming through both feet. Memory of doing exercises on a vibration platform the day before, feeling like an earthquake to my cells. Hollow sensation through left side of abdomen. Sense of the parts of my body being out of coordination: right foot, left hip, right abdomen, right shoulder, left neck, left head)

How can I help?

Body: (vision of lying down)

*Lying down*

Body: (Energy release from left side of throat. Like a calling to all of the cells in my body to rally. Vision of energetically "braiding" myself together from the base of my spine, up and wrapping around the top of my head. Feeling that I should do hikes and points.)

*Hikes and points exercise*

Body: (sensation of completion).