Listen2YourBody 8


Body, how do you feel about coffee?

Body: (Blanket of warm, smooth, loving sensation on my legs, arms and back. Sensation of slight burn in stomach. Bitter taste in mouth is pleasant. Slight anxiety in the front of my throat. Pressure behind my eyes. Twinge of pain across my left shoulder blade. Feeling of dryness through my face, lips and skin of my chest. Itch under my breasts and left inner thigh. Swimming/altered sensation through my heart center.)


How about butter?

Body: (Pressure in my chest above my diaphragm like trapped gas, unable to move up. Smooth feeling in my brain and oily sensation on the surface of my skin. Taste in my mouth like the after-taste of of butter, slightly unpleasant. Thick sensation in descending colon. Increased tenderness/sensitivity in my feet.)

Thank you!

Anything you would like to express today? How can I help?

Body: (Pain along bra line in my back. Sense of bra being uncomfortable)

*Take off bra and put on different type*

Body: (Pain resolved at bra line. Pain in left shoulder area.)