Tax Day

Good morning body! How are you today?

Body: (Sensation from lower belly and legs of an enthusiastic lift. Heaviness, dark feeling in heart area. Tension through jaw and pressure in throat.)

How can I help?

Body: (Vision of resting on my left side with my head on my pillow.)

Do you mean now or that I should get more sleep?

Body: (Urgent feeling)

*Lie to rest on my left side.

*Burp. Sneeze.

Body: (Feeling cold from the fan)

Guidance: Is this yours?

Body, is this (heaviness in chest) mine?

Body: (Immediate lightening of feeling in heart. Slight sadness in throat.)

*Neck pops*

Body: (Wave of sleepiness)


Body: (Feel my heart beating in my chest.)

(Desire for coffee. Pressure feeling in spleen area. Pain in left foot. Itching of arms and back.)