Listen2YourBody 11

I don't Mine-D

Body: (Racing thoughts. Sorting, analyzing, justifying, anticipating a conversation scheduled for later today.)


Body: (Right nostril is blocked. Energy and pressure at the top of my head.)


Body: (Upper back feels burdened, slight weakness sensation in the stomach and lower body, weighing down feeling. It's hard not to slump my shoulders.)

*Rotate neck. Shrug and roll shoulders*

Body: (Neck and upper back feel rigid and stuck at the base of my neck.)

Body, can you help me with this?

Body: (Awareness of a right to left split. Right side of body feels strong, angry and powerful. Can't breathe through right nostril. Left side feels hollow, peaceful and empty. Can breathe through left nostril.)


Body: (Sudden harsh tickle in the left side of my throat and ear.)