Listen2YourBody 12

Weeble Wobble

Good morning body.

Body: (Sensation of feeling centered and powerful in my 2nd chakra. A heavy feeling, but good. The weight of it offering easy balance to my spine. Mild cramping sensation in lower abdomen.)


Anything you would like to show me today?

*Yawn. Neck pops.*

Body: (Pain in left upper shoulder.)

What's this? [sung in my head like Jack from Nightmare before Christmas]

Body: (Deeper residual ache behind my left shoulder blade.)

*Neck pops. Dancing motion with neck and upper back. Deep breath into my chest. Scratch my head.*

Body: (Pain resolved. Feel a heaviness in my lower abdomen again. Feels like a heavy magnet in my base. Almost like I have become a weeble wobble toy.)

*Cramp through uterus. Urge to go to the bathroom. Sense to get my day going.*

Thank you body.