Listen2YourBody 15


Can we discuss insulin?

Show me insulin.

Body: (Firey sensation from the center of my intestines, inducing movement like a wave of organization: sorting, storing, filing. Pocket of burning sensation upper left side of abdomen.)

*Mid-back pops*

Body: (Tension through chest and heart area. Insulin wave moves up through midline and spreads into throat and arms, especially the tops of my arms, organizing and filing as it goes.)

*Lower neck pops*

Body: (Waves of tired, calling for rest. A deep feeling arises from the same original spot in the middle of my intestines. It feels old and a little scary.)

What's this?

Body: (Image of a big sea monster slowly rolling around.)


Guide: Start your engines.

Show me please.

Guide: directs my attention into 2nd chakra. Vision of allowing the fiery energy to fall back to the base of me.

Body: (Feeling of fiery weak energy, not fuel for my core, but dispersed all around me.)

Guide: Light a match! (in Mike Meyer's voice from So I Married and Ax Murderer)

Body: (Vision of lighting a huge match and trying to use it to light a wick between my 2nd and 3rd chakras. The engine just isn't starting. Tired feeling returns.)

Body, can you help me with this? Thank you for showing me the insulin.

Body: (Effortless movement of energy into 2nd chakra. Brief burst of joy and easiness, feeling more centered.)

*Neck, upper and lower back pop.*

Thank you body!

Body: (Waves of tired have become less, feels like they are lifting off me like steam rising.)

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