Listen2YourBody 16

Distracted by Dragon

Body: (Mild headache through base of skull and front of forehead. Awareness of rigid cramping feeling in lower small intestines. Muscle pain through surface muscles of my upper back. Sense of slight claustrophobia.)

*Opens window.*

*Distracted by text message. Send reply. Re-set timer.*

Body: (Increased sensation in intestines. Sudden need to go to the bathroom.)

*Get up and go to the bathroom. Re-set timer.*

Body: (Sensation in stomach is gone. Increase in headache in the front of head.)

Show me the origin of the headache.

Body: (Sensation of pain moves inside my head.)

Is this mine? No change

Is this someone else's? Resistance and movement.

Something else?

Body: (Feeling like the pain area is moving around, trying to avoid being seen.)


Guide: Call 6. (6 is one of my guides: a shape-shifting, awesome, 6 year old version of me who comes to help protect me often.)

Body: (Vision of 6 standing just under the pain area, jumping and hitting her head on the bottom of it playfully.)