Listen2YourBody 17

Lights in Lower Back

Body: Anxiety and slight pressure in chest. Tension into throat, pressure in forehead. Point of pain in center of lower back.

*Neck pops. Deep breath.*

Body: Tension relieved in head and chest. Ache spreads in lower back.

How can I help?

Body: Vision of one lumbar vertebra lighting up with color and seeing same color lighting up liver and small intestine. Then a lower vertebrae lighting up with a different color, connecting to uterus and ovaries.

*Hold point on lumbar spine. SRI breathing.*

Body: Feeling of awareness in the center of my lower belly. Dark black, like outer space, filled with richness gradually spreads through my body as I breathe. Sense of roundedness and feeling expansive.

*Deep breath. Lower spine pops. Neck pops.*

Body: Sensation travels into left hip and down into left leg. Wave of calm across whole body. Pain relieved in lumbar spine.

Thank you body!

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