Listen2Your Body 18


Good morning body!

Shall we have a conversation today?

Body: spot in center of spine in lower back aching.

*Neck pops*

Can you help me with this long standing problem with my lower back?

Body: Feeling of need for support.

*Grab a pillow and place behind lower back. Starting to cry*

GUIDE: Do you feel supported?

I am supported by so many people in my life. I had the opportunities many did not to excel in my career and my child has all she needs financially. I am married to my soulmate. I have a nice condo, work environment and deep friendships.

There is AMPLE evidence that I am supported.

GUIDE: Do you FEEL supported?

Body: Feeling coming out of second chakra area like always striving. Always having to push myself to keep going, like the path ahead will always be steep.


Body: Sharp brief pain in top of left shoulder.

*Neck pops*

Why am I like this?


GUIDE: is that the right question?

What is the right question to ask?

GUIDE: Listen, dear one.

Am I supported?

Body: No feeling (tension on left side of sacral center)

Do you need more support?

Body: I don’t know feeling.

GUIDE: Listen

How can I help?

Body: rest feeling. Sensation of the drive coming from throat center, more on left side. Vision of pushing obstacles out of my way right and left, lifting the heavy ones in front of me and throwing them aside. Feeling of strength in my legs and climbing quickly with that strength.

Standing on top of the mountain after the climb and raising my arms to the sky in exhalation/ victory. Starting back down the mountain with a desire for the coziness of home.

So, this is clearly a process. Why the weak point in my lower back?

*Neck pops*

GUIDE: feel it.

Body: Sensation of point in spine associated with left ovary.

Hello left ovary.

Body: Emotional need to hide, not feeling safe. Vision of running away in fear. "I’m just not strong enough.” “You don’t understand, there is just no way for me to make it in this world. I’m too sensitive. It bats me down, again and again and I can’t tolerate this place. I’m leaving soon.”

Anything else?

Body: I have no protection from the harshness of this place. No castle in which to find protection and safety. (Memory of book from childhood about a princess being assaulted by her own father in her castle room, her dog could not protect her.)

I’m going to try to get you some help. To help you feel safe and protected.

Body: We’ll see.

Calling all support. Can any of you help me with this?

Tall masculine spirit comes in and puts his arms around the young feminine part. Comforting her and directing her out of my body instead to sit beside me on my right, just behind a little. Feeling that I can more easily protect her this way. Sensation of my giants coming to stand behind me.

Thank you body.