Listen2YourBody 19

"Plant Yourself"

Body: choked up feeling in throat. Heaviness in heart.

What is it?

Body: Energy moves up out of heart area. Vision of great boulders rubbing and crashing against one another as they are unsurfaced.

*Back pops*

Body: Vision of a plant breaking through the rocks--> bright yellow and white light surrounding it.

*Neck pops.*

Body: A giant plant (feels like a beanstalk kind of) sprouts out of my heart area-->becoming a huge tree with leaves rustling.

Feeling imbalanced, as if I may tip over.

GUIDANCE: "Plant yourself"

I call my ancestors to help root me!

Body: Feeling the generations before me all around me in the room. Branches erupt out of my arms, chest and neck. I feel my body grow tall as a trunk and root down, deep into the earth.


Sense of being able to see SO MUCH from up here.

And of being closer to the birds.

I have a place in my trunk, near my belly, where others can nestle in and rest.

I feel my forest of ancestors stand strong around me.

To those on my left: Respect for your strength, wisdom and magic!

To those on my right: Respect for your courage, your hands and the land.

Body: Feeling the heaviness from the forest of ancestors on my right side, with the pain of disconnection.

GUIDANCE: Go to Ireland and Scotland.

Thank you body and all!

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