I awoke startled from a dream of being at the bottom of a large cylindrical tower with circled rooms on every level.

There were large hanging buttresses that were reminiscent of bat wings.

I was looking up at them and saw a huge snake quickly descending from the top with the intention to eat me.

I heard a voice say “you’d better get yourself back in and covered.” I jumped into one of the rooms/holes and was trying to pull the fleshy feeling flap down in front of me as I startled awake.

I got up and went to the bathroom. Settling back into bed I couldn't fall back asleep. A series of sensations and emotions were passing through me.

I know I put my sleep protection up last night, so maybe these were mine?

Feeling them one at a time and letting them move through. Trying to be still. Knowing my wife is probably awake and not wanting to disturb or reject her while trying to take care of the chaos inside.

The alarm.

And then the dog.

Trying to make it a happy morning greeting, but not feeling my normal sense of humor.

Petting the dog to try to appease him so he will give me a little time.

Trying to listen well, respond well, with chaos brewing