In any new endeavor there is a measure of uncertainty.

Courage is a very useful attribute in overcoming the fears associated with the new. How can courage be activated consistently?

This is what I would like to address.

Insecure. You would think with that prefix (if we don’t consider latin origins) that one would be IN a SECURE feeling instead of the true meaning: the opposite of secure.

Maybe it just needs a dash: IN-SECURE.

So, what is the dash for me?

A pause, certainly.

A little space for reflection maybe?

Time to ask the question: Am I safe? What is actually happening right now?

If I don’t stretch this to worry or all the way into fear, what is actually happening?

So, let’s try one.

I am feeling insecure about trying to start up a new group of professionals to support one another in growing our business communities.

Specifically, insecure that:

I can’t build the community alone.

I don’t trust people to show up and contribute without being competitive, greedy or mean to one another.

It’s hard to get people to get along.



Let’s break it down.

I can’t build community alone.

IN-DASH-SECURE. This one is easy for me with a little space, because my greatest community has always been my inner realms. No matter what, I feel the network of connection to the world inside and thatcannot be lost when others don’t participate. It’s fun in here. Too bad for them if they are missing out on it.

What is possible will grow in the right way and time.

I don’t trust people to show up and contribute without being competitive, greedy or mean to oneanother.

IN-DASH-SECURE. Okay. I do have a lot of evidence of this from my past.

Agendas always seem to surface. People have secrets and insecurities (without dashes). It can be a little chaotic.

What HAS worked? Women’s healing workshops. Global Heart community. Friendship. Despite (or maybe in getting through) the challenges, these have resulted in healing and change.

Some have sustained. Close friends and family mostly.

I could use some guidance on this one.

Love says?

GUIDANCE: Keep going. Keep your “eye on the ball.” Trust and have courage. Don’t give up. You will find the right people. Take one step at a time and the next will be revealed.

Thank you.

I can do this. I’ll show up and see what I find.

It’s hard to get people to get along.

IN-DASH-SECURE Well, yes. I seem to believe this one with about 95% certainty. Interesting!

Maybe the first question should be why I’m trying to “get people” to do anything? I don’t want to be with a community of people who don’t want to participate and aren’t excited about contributing. That’swhat I have said from the beginning of forming this current group. Why would I feel badly when thosewho aren’t excited fall away? Welcoming the speed with which that aspect sorts itself out seems like anintelligent choice.


I will invite others to participate, offer my full participation and welcome the universe to quickly and easily sort it out.

I feel better!

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