The Art of Discovery

I have had the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis for 8 years.

In that time I have done many things to resolve this condition for myself; including:

dietary changes

detox protocols


many forms of supplements

Medical Medium protocols

MTHFR support

EBV and infection management

and more...

I THOUGHT I had read the books, taken the trainings, etc. I have treated multiple patients with some success.

Most at least feel better. But, I have not experienced cure for myself or others.

My temperature/metabolic rate has never returned to normal, the weight of pregnancy has never come off. I feel okay most of the time.

The most success I have had is in changing my diet: gluten, dairy and soy free. Limiting coffee and one particular healing meditation I did years ago praying for help for peace in the middle east.

As with SO MANY things I have learned over the years. One of my patients brought in Dr. Brownstein’s book on Iodine this week. She gifted it to me, along with a one person account of the success she had with improving her breast tenderness and energy.

I read it.

I thought I knew of Brownstein. I knew the ND Oncologist I worked with early in my career had given high doses of iodine/iodide consistently to her patients as part of treatment. I heard a respected lecturer at the MTHFR conference say to address autoimmune thyroid conditions be re-establishing iodine levels slowly and carefully and I had been trying this with patients with some success.

But, the research in this book suggests the daily dosage of iodine should be well above 50mg and much more is needed for obese populations or in the case of endocrine cancer risk.

The studies he presented show that giving thyroid medication INCREASED risk of breast cancer when paired with iodine deficiency.


The damage that misinformation can do!

So, have a discovered a cure for myself? I will order the tests and the supplements. I will maximize the cofactors. I will continue to test intuitively as well.

Why, instead of just feeling excited for an opportunity to help, do I feel disappointment in having missed this information for so long?

Angry for the conventional dogma promoting the opposite information?

Guilt for my own ignorance in trying to help others?

So, I'm on day 2 of Iodine 12.5mg with Riboflavin and occasional Niacin. So far, I feel stronger and excited. I'll check back in.

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