What else is possible?

I’m feeling a bit scattered this week.

Over the past (many) years I have been studying various systems,learning facts, protocols, perspectives and creating and dis-creating biases right and left.

I have gained experience from 1000’s of interactions with people in working with them to address their health.

It seems like no matter how much I learn, or how much experience I gain, I never quite arrive.

The“truths” change their face.

Lately, the world itself even seems to be changing at a rather fast clip. I find myself unsure of what knowledge or intuition to lean on to steady myself; all the while feeling an undercurrent of needing to create my own consistency.

What else is possible?

What would steadiness look like for me?

I have moved every 1-3 years since I was 12 years old. Change of home. Change of job. Change of relationship. Change of career. Change of income.

How can I reframe that story?

I have ample practice at starting my garden. Laying the foundation. Planting the seeds. Weeding and watering and watching them grow.

Most have grown rather quickly. I like planting. I like watering. I like the new. I am curious.

I love to learn and grow.

Always excited about what else IS possible?

Is my steadiness IN the process of discovering what else is possible?That’s an interesting perspective.

How can I find consistency in that?

I am consistent in:

*believing that people are powerful, have the tools and access they need to heal themselves/express their potential

*finding beauty and joy in systems of interconnectedness, learning new things

*listening to others deeply and empathically


*taking responsibility for myself wherever possible

*loving and trying to do what’s best for my loved ones

*being of emotional and financial support to my family

*creating art

*walking my dog

*speaking my truth with attention to delicacy whenever possible

*being clean

*feeding my family

*maintaining hope

*developing my knowledge, skills and abilities.

What sort of a “system” is this?

I jsee the vision I got years ago when asking my guidance how to best care for my body: I saw a living plant on a stand/machine with a dial on it.

My job was to mostly watch lovingly, water and feed the plant and occasionally adjust the dial if needed.

So, it is listening, attending, knowing what to feed the plant and how to support its environment. Knowing how to read and adjust the dial and taking action only when needed. MOSTLY LETTING THE PLANT DO WHAT PLANTS DO BEST: grow.

Is there any other action to take right now that would help me to enhance my story of what is possible for my life?

OH YES!! What else is possible?

GUIDANCE: With time, all things change. Many things grow and some die and fall away. This is a consistent process.

There are physics to this system which are constant. The physics of change. Be aware of them, respect them, embrace them.

Your “culture” runs from this. It is deliberate and a travesty. Taking you away from the natural laws has the effect of draining your “spirit” in a way, keeping you out of your rhythm. This is not by accident. It is so simple to flow WITH life. So much effort spent in pushing the currents around.

Look for your edges of effort. Snug your attention up to them and stay awhile. Use the principle of change as an ally. You will find the most consistency through embracing this process.

Thank you!

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