Right Shoulder

It’s time for change.

That much is clear.

The message has come. The expectations are up.

The clarity isn’t.

Now, pain and weakness in my R shoulder and arm. The ortho tests rule out impingement. Brachialis, subscapularis and serratus anterior muscles are all in pain.

As I write, I feel myself moving further and further away from the cause.

The pain started yesterday. On Father’s Day.

When I ask my shoulder, it says “I don’t want to move.” (We are moving our house over the next two weeks.)

Why don’t you want to move?

Body: I’m tired of always picking it up and going. I want to put the heaviness down. I’m no longer willing to shoulder the main burden. Just because I can, doesn’t make it right.

What would that look like for me to “not shoulder the main burden?”

Body: Let other people help you.

Which people?

Body: Set it down.

What is IT? Do you mean let go of the room?

Body: At the least. Build in the direction you want to grow.

GUIDE: Your shoulder hurts to wake you up. In each moment that you can’t lift a box or push yourself through a task, you will see where you need to let go.

You have gotten help in moving. That is good. You are moving. Help your shoulder with that choice?

Shoulder, what do you need for support. We will be moving.

Body: the money feels tight/stressful. Not much of a cushion. Pain sensation feels like it moved from deep in my shoulder to side of my neck.

GUIDE: Is that true?

We have the money in savings for the move. We can spend a little less and be okay for now.

Should I put the tax meeting off a few weeks?

Plan for a meeting in July. Get your numbers together. Check with the other accountant.

Body: I need a massage. I got hurt and can’t keep up. Too much change too fast.

Okay. I will make that happen. Anything else?

Body: Less coffee, more water.

You’ve got it. Anything else?

Body: We like the iodine and want more. Also, the riboflavin. Sensation moving down back of tricep and into wrist.

*Wrist, neck and back pop*

Slight pain deep in right hip. The heavy feeling of the pain pattern has left the shoulder.

As I write that, a cloud of heaviness returns across the top of both shoulders.

What’ this?



Shake it off.

Deep breath.

Thank you body!

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