Just down the block from my house there is an intersection above which the power lines converge more heavily. This seems to be a favorite meeting line for a small flock of pigeons.

Each day, while walking my dog past, I look for the patterns of the birds. What are my numbers for today?

Today, I took a different route and came upon them walking parallel to the wires.

First, I saw 1, 5, 5 but as I got nearer, they moved to 1,2,3,4.

Maybe they are playing with me.

I hope so.

So today is moving from 1-5-5:


1-independence, self-sufficiency and self-determination

5-being full of energy, but unable to channel it responsibly-adaptability, independence of thought and action, unwillingness to conform

Or maybe angel number 5? There are two after all.

5-huge changes are about to unfold in your life. If you keep seeing it, the changes have already begun.

To: 1,2,3,4- which I interpreted as taking it one step at a time.

I am starting a detox today with my beautiful wife. And, I did push myself to get back on track with longer daily walks.

Maybe these are the changes at hand.

Though, while walking, I noticed different sorts of thoughts today.

I noticed the power lines are all above us in this neighborhood.

And such beautiful old trees.

Coming from Montana, I began to wonder how long any of this would hold up with even one big snow.

I started thinking about purchasing a generator for emergencies.

And then about solar and wind.

I wonder what changes are ahead.

A little up the sidewalk from those birds, I saw two large crows. One on a post and the other on the ground a little further off.

4 pigeons flew down on the grass next to the crow. They seemed to regard each other in a friendly manner. No squawking or aggression.

As I brought my predator on a leash closer, they all flew off.

I felt as if I had interrupted their meeting.

I apologized.

Probably best no one was around for that one.