Back in the groove

Day 2.

Chewing my protein smoothie. Was it this chunky yesterday?

On day 1 of this cleanse, I took a new road and came over the hill to see an entire mountain range, spreading out in the morning sun, with a hot air balloon floating high in the sky.

Today I found myself puffing and sweating on a small hill, the sweat in my hair itching my scalp.

The dog kind enough to stop to pee a little more frequently on the higher hills.

The trees were all quiet today. Not their usual friendly hellos.

Stillness is thick in the air.

Except for the squirrels. They are busy scurrying around.

Myles just let one pass us today, without jumping after it.

Perhaps because the new bird feeder I put up in the yard has been offering enough entertainment.

It was a closer call than normal when I let him back into the yard.

The squirrels and blue jays scattered as he shot across the yard at top speed.

Maybe that’s not the BEST place for the feeder…

Hard to take the space to write without interruptions and today the words aren’t flowing quite as easily.

So perhaps, a bit of guidance instead?

Hello team! Any guidance for today?

A wide road stretches in front of me.

Below my feet it looks like a well worn dirt road, but ahead looks paved.

Almost to the paved area.

Feeling of my legs in motion.

They have their own rhythm and momentum once they are in the groove.

A sense of lightness and lift as the momentum steadies.

My wife pops into the room to tell me about the squirrels on the bird feeder.

And that it’s 8:10am.

I should’ve communicated better that work doesn’t start until 10am today.

The heat of annoyance rises into my throat.

This while she’s making my lunch for the day after having gotten up early to make our smoothies.

Shake it off.

The cat has stopped licking herself next to my knee and is settling in.

Feel the stillness.

A car booming it’s stereo.

Another racing its engine.

Can feel the smoothie starting to hit my digestive tract.

Knees sore from the hill.

Starting to think about the call I need to make to the IRS later.

Timer goes off.

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