To feel or no to feel, that is my question.

Whether tis nobler to take on the pain of others...

Pain hurts.

Or is it that simple?

In a course I took years ago they had us practice

being in “feel.”

I struggled horribly with this exercise

This surprised me, because I thought it would be the easiest one for me.

I went to the teachers for help.

They gave suggestions and sent me back out to try again.

I tried again.

I just couldn’t feel anything different than normal.

I went through many instructors before they finally gave up and called in the expert.

She took one look at me and said, “You are always in feel. You don’t have to try.”

Yep. That sounds about right.

I listened to an online course for empaths suggesting I need protection.

I have my umbrella meditation.

It helps on the stormy days and nights.

But, I have never found protection easy or quite right.

I asked my guides on my walk today

After my head and neck suddenly burst into pain,

After an impatient man drove his car past me,

And I tried my normal,

“is this mine? Is this someone else’s?” clearing.

"How do I protect myself?"

I could feel, right away, that the question was slightly off.

So I asked for help instead.

My feeling state heightened and I started taking in everything around me.

The trees, grass, sidewalk, rocks, cars, fences, bushes, flowers, the earth under me…

As I walked along, the feeling of each new area came through me.

A constant symphony of feeling.

Not holding on to any of the sensation, just letting it flow through.


Feel again.

That’s all.

Like listening to the whole song instead of

Playing the same part over and over again.

As I walked past my birds on a wire

There were too many to count.

They looked like a full staff of musical notes.

Thank you!

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