Open bag

While walking this morning I picked up a plastic bag I saw on the side of the road and started collecting any trash I found along the way. This was complicated a bit by holding a leash and trying to keep the dog away from the cars. There are not a lot of sidewalks in the neighborhood.

I found my mind fighting it a little.

Why do this?

Does it even matter?

Isn’t throwing it away just adding to the landfill.

Etc etc

About 20min in I realized there was a hole in the bottom of the bag.

I’m not sure how much of the trash I dropped.

The big stuff was still in there.

I tried tying the bottom, but it didn’t work for long.

And then just trying to pick up the big trash and hold it all in one hand.

By the time I got to the trash can, I could barely hold it all.

It was a relief to have a trash can along the walk.

Images from a dream last night keep flashing through my head.

I can’t see how they relate, but perhaps there is some overlap.

A woman was holding a large snake and told me she had found it on me.

I worked to carefully take it from her without getting bitten.

After I had it in my hand, it shrunk down. To the size a a large caterpillar.

It seemed to be able to grow and shrink in size and change its nature.

As I was attending to this, my young child came up wanting to be held.

I ignored her for a bit, occupied with the snake.

When I picked her up, she was covered in a rash and was hot like a fever.

I held her to me, feeling guilt and worried it looked like measles.

Maybe my mind is a bit like the open bag today.

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