Some days when I walk through my forest it feels a little darker in the trees.

It is always a feeling of potentially dangerous humans,

Not a dark feeling from nature.

But, the trees often feel less alive, less happy on those days.

Other days, the same forest will feel

Alive and magically glowing with energy.

I spent a few months, when I was going to these trees

twice a week, practicing shifting my consciousness into a 5th dimension awareness.

I was able to get feedback from the feeling of the trees to help me practice.

I could get the dark feeling in the trees to shift.

Part of my walk would feel like it was in one forest

And, after the shift, like I was in a completely different place.

Same trees, plants and rocks.

Different energy

And always, so far, different interactions with people on the path.

When I am in 5th Dimension, things just go better.

The contrast can be abrupt and striking.