In Human Design, there are 5 types of designs.

I am a Manifesting Generator.

According to that design I have to main strategies to follow

Generator: Wait to respond.


Manifestor: Inform others.

What does this mean?

For me it means moving through the environment of my life

With the intention of being me.

Listening and feeling through events and interactions.

Slowing myself down to line up with my gut on each choice I encounter.

Do I want to wear this shirt today? Uh huh.

What do I want for breakfast? Mini overwhelm.

Do I want eggs for breakfast? No

Do I want breakfast? Yes

This continues until I make a decision.


Other times, I don’t feel that way at all.

I feel I just AM me.

I just do ME.

I mostly want others to move out of my way so I can get my stuff done.

I don’t care less, I just listen less and feel outside of me less.

That shirt is fine.

Breakfast is breakfast.

I need to get my walk done, my writing done and get to work.

I feel a lot more like a Manifestor today.

That’s the second version.

If a design does not follow her strategy

The response is emotional.

For generators it's frustration.

If we don’t wait to line up with our yes,

Life gets pretty frustrating.

For manifestos it’s to inform others

Let them know that I am coming.

Or everyone gets angry.

Hard morning.

Okay world, I’m coming.

I have waited for the call

I have lined up with "I am going to write."

With a resounding YES!

And now there are words that must come through me.

They are not afraid.

They are birthing themselves onto the page.

Some of them are deeply personal.

Some are emotional.

Some are political.

Many are philosophical.

And joyfully magical.

I am the vessel through which they find their way into this world.

Each one germinating through me like a seed

Or sperm.

I allow them.

Then fall upon them, picking and choosing.

I eat some and line the others up to be seen.

Trying to maintain the essence.

In a way it feels a bit harsh.

And also true to something deep within.

And so, please know

If these words bring you an experience you do not enjoy.

Or that you do enjoy.

They stand on their own.

Waiting themselves to be experienced by you.

They just are.

On the page.

They will not change for you.

Unless you choose to see them differently.

I wish you all the best.