Nature is talking.

All the time

In many different ways.

Yesterday I was stung by Yellowjackets

Myles upset the ground nest

He was stung too.

My wife was walking with us

But she wasn’t stung at all.

She said she felt one coming for her back

But sent an energy wave back toward the nest

And they left her alone.

My reaction had been protection.

Once I realized what was happening

I yelled for us to run.

They came after the back of my legs

My right leg, the primary target.

I had two patients this week

Also dealing with bee stings

The wasp totem is about female warrior energy

She protects her own

Offering the lessons of humility

And the appropriate use of power.

I have had some doubt about a social interaction this week

In which I had a confusing mix of friendliness and discomfort

Like something dark was underneath the other’s intention.

A healer at my work confirmed the feeling

By saging the entire practice after the people left,

Saying she felt they had put some “hook” energy through the space.

My wife also saw a grid being hooked into me yesterday

She told me to clear it and any past life associated with that person.

This while driving home from work

Before running to the store and making dinner.

I asked for help, drew my sword and cut the attachments.

I didn’t do the past life work.

Were these related?

Am I lacking humility?


I set a very strong and stern boundary with the people.

Maybe unnecessarily hurtful.

I don’t know if the dark was intentional or not.

It felt like it was.

Maybe just greed or fear of lack.

Nature also gifted me this morning

With a full piece of paper birch laying on the grass

This bark had come up in a session last week

About protection as well.

There was a metaphor of being a tree

Using the bark and the sap as defense.

I could feel the strength of the sap in my being.

I wrapped the bark around my Quan Yin like a shall.

She looks beautiful.

And also some ripe blackberries

Growing right next to the road.

To bring a sweet treat back to share with my wife.

Who is dealing with her own challenges today.

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