I was in cadaver lab, quite awhile back.

Struggling with recognizing the parts I had just dissected.

The professor lingered by.

He held the pointer he generally used to move tissues aside to the edge of his mouth...

as he asked me to define the structure.

“I am confused.” I said. Feeling inadequate in my knowledge.

“If you are confused, it means you know TWO things.”

He replied.

That wisdom has been so helpful to me in my life.

I find myself to be intelligent on many subjects.

And yet, figuring out what I want for breakfast in the morning can sometimes really mess up my day.

Because I am confused.

Because I know MORE than one thing.

I have learned to slow my roll and ask myself one thing at a time.

Do you want a smoothie?

Do you want some eggs?

Until I get the job done.

This can be more complicated with tougher emotional states.

Confusion occurs when we know more than one way to think or feel about something.

It helps to slow down and ask.

How does this part of me feel about it?

If I'm not sure which part,

I usually ask:

How does my gut feel?

How does my heart feel?

How does my head feel?

Sometimes my head and gut seem like they are on different planets.

It is nice when they fully agree.

Most of the time I shoot for group consensus.

Clarity of all the emotional factors involved can be helpful.

Time to go.

Thanks for listening.

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