Sorting it Out

Why am I so irritated?

I agreed to this choice.

It felt like the natural choice at the time.

I can sacrifice one day off

For my family.

The cat just pushed her way onto my keyboard

Wedging herself against me.

She feels warm and relaxing but it's

Hard to write without seeing the screen or moving my hands.

She clawed my leg when I nudged her off.

My mind rolls and piles things up

Like this choice will slide into another...

I will always try to put my family first

But my days off have been necessary

To maintain my intense rhythm of work.

Feels foreboding.

Like I will never have another free weekend.

And I will lose my groove.

And my work will suffer.

Is this true?

I can make my choices day by day

I could even carve out a schedule of breaks

Or try to make my family commitments fun.

Am I calling the difficulties to myself

By resisting my life?

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