It was a good day.

This was the third hike of the day.

The others had been much less steep.

“Summit” on the sign was a clue.

My 8 year old nephew sprinted up the steep trail

In bursts

Then rested or climbed a tree while we would catch up.

On an easier trail, earlier in the day, he had gotten tired

Stopped a lot.

Once laid down on the ground for awhile.

Wondering when we would EVER get back to the car?

Maybe it was the food.

He had a cheeseburger, fries and a shake for lunch

And complained of being too full when we started out.

He slept in the car after that hike.

And had a brownie and some water after waking up.

Was it the brownie that gave him so much energy?

Or maybe the challenge?

His body still runs efficiently.

Interesting to see his energy so clearly altered.

I can’t see it so clearly with my own.

Was it the fuel we put in?

Was it the nap?

Was it the challenge?

Was it the time of day?

Or that trail just more fun?

Or perhaps he was trying to make it fun

So we could make it up the hill too?

He can be sweet like that.

He did run all the way back down

And climbed the stair railing step by step

For three flights

Getting back to the car.

I wonder how the easier trail would have been

Without the cheeseburger or the shake?