Hopes and Fears

There’s a dark place.

Yes, it is real.

Can be very real.

In that place

The light has not come in yet.

Like being deep under the earth

Or deep in the ocean

Where it is hard to tell

Which way is up.


If one can get quiet enough

And listen inside,

The heart will show the way


At other times

It’s just too loud to hear

And instead

Some action must be taken.

Just a step.

Hope is that moment

Of remembering

The sun has been up there

All along.

And usually comes

Right after taking that step.


The dark has gained momentum

After so much practice.

It can feel

Unbearably heavy.

At those times

Maybe ask for help.

From God, or Great Spirit, or

Just ask.

And wait for the response.

At all times

You are completely loved.

Whatever environment you are in.


Remember who you are.

You are the Sun of god.

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