Time to heel

My left heel started hurting last night.

That’s unusual.

It has always been my right heel and foot in the past.

When I listen in, it doesn’t have much to say.

Just a heightened awareness of a point

In my lower back.

That is different too.

My lower back nearly always hurts

Right before my biggest life changes.

It was aching a little bit yesterday.

But nothing like the big episodes of the past.

I just thought of something that hadn’t occurred to me before

During my own birth

Being induced early to prevent me getting too big,

caused my mother to have extreme lower back pain

During labor.


Maybe this has been going on

For a LONG time.

I think I’m ready to let go

Of being afraid to be too big.

Love says?

Be who you are beautiful one.

I know this one is a big life change,

Not because of a deep intuition

But because I choose it.

I will be unstoppable

As much as I can


With compassion for myself.

When doubt comes in,

I will greet it with,

"We’ll see. I’m going to keep doing this right now.”

I celebrate this change.

I’m all in.

It feels GOOD.

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