The Wall

The book A Course in Miracles for Weight Loss

suggests a meditation

For asking God to help to dismantle the brick wall

Of weight that I have built around myself.


I’ll try that.

I CAN feel a wall separating me from the world

Behind it I feel blocked and stuck

For a long time now.

Almost feeling that resistance has little point.

And also, a little ease.

And a sort of grounded security.

Like a cave I used to go to when I was little

And the family was too much for me.

Do I want to take down this wall?

Oh heck yeah!

Okay God, please help me.

Brick 1-right out of the center of the wall

This is a big one.

This brick feels like chaos

Constant mind chatter

Pecking and poking and whining

I am done with this.

I surrender it, please take it from me.

It transforms into white birds flying into the sky.

Feels like peace.

Brick 2-off to the right.

Not so big, but long, heavier than it looks.

Seems almost unending.

SO MUCH to go through and unravel

The feeling that nothing is ever simple,

there’s alway more to consider.

Maybe that’s not true.

I surrender this, please take it from me.

Poof! It disappeared, followed by confetti.

Feels like Clarity.

Well, that was fun.

Maybe I’ll do a few more tomorrow.

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