Another Brick


I see my wall in front of me.

It seems smaller than yesterday.

And there are big holes in it.

As I look at it

I can feel my throat center


It feels a little like the beginning of a cold

But it isn’t.

Pressure in my heart rises up

And my lungs feel vulnerable

How can I help body?

“Change your mind.”

Okay, please clarify.

“Keep going, you’ve got this!”

Okay. Next brick.

Up and left.

This one is round, and heavy.

It has words inscribed on it,

“The family pattern.”

A feeling of staying anchored to the earth

To avoid being tempted off into trouble.

Do I still need this?


I surrender it. Please take it from me.

It becomes light and floats up into the sky.

I can see it as a guiding star showing my way

If I ever need it.

This feels like support.

And another.

OOO, down left.

That’s a biggen, like a recliner sized block.

I can’t move it easily.

It says it’s TIME.

I surrender you. Please take this from me.

I feel myself step into the block.

There’s so much space inside!

I don’t feel bounded at all.

I can spin and dance, without a care.

Do I stay in here?

The block expands, pressing out in all directions

Until it merges with the whole world.

This feels like freedom.

Thank you!

I feel amazing!

Even my throat!

Only a few bricks left.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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