The Space Between

There’s a song about this

The space between your heart and mine...

Is where we’ll meet.

Can I feel this space

Inside of me?

Past the open spaces of air in my lungs

And deserts of my colon

Or mountains of muscle and bone


Into my cells.

Feeling each as it’s own little world.

And deeper than that.

Into the molecules and atoms.

Stretching toward it drops me

Into open space inside.

It’s so peaceful here.

Kind of like just before falling asleep.

Is this me?

Or God?

At this level it’s hard to feel any edges

More like I am a fragrance floating in the air.

Such contrast from how tangible

Life can sometimes feel.

Just feeling it regenerates me

Brings my parts into community

And I can expand

To feel the space between

My house

My family

The trees in my yard

The mountains nearby

The ocean

The planet

This is my planet

My home

Can I invite love into this space?

It feels easy for me love this planet

To appreciate her beauty

And be grateful for all that she gives.

I love her.

I love us.

Thanks for meeting me here.

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