It’s been a little rare lately,

Feeling at ease in myself.

Kind of like my dog this morning,

Once excited, so hard to rein in.

An unexpected bunny ran across the path

As we stepped out of the front door.

I had to strap him to my waist

And keep a consistent gait for blocks.

This morning there were more bits of food

Lying in wait, in tall grass, unseen by me.

With each one, the pull started again.

Today was harder, for both of us.

I notice my own “snacks in the grass” at home,

The phone pops at me, “did you forget?”

I’ll just check that one thing,

Oh no, my friend’s sister needs help,

Down the rabbit hole I go. Funny phrase—especially this morning.

I watch my mind being pulled this way and that,

As my heart is seeking to find connection and serve.

My dog has such a beautiful heart,

And a prey drive that would kill without hesitation.

He lets things go and comes back to the present

Much more easily than I do though.

Maybe he’s teaching me how to find my balance.

Let go.

Here Now.

I’m okay again.

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