All is Well


It started well

Exploring around in my

New Boots.

Started skipping and hopping

And realized I could 


High, really high.

Enjoying the freedom

Playful jumping down

The street.

Notice a car 

Suddenly following me

Feel the malicious intent

Startle awake.

Nope...I'm going back in

I jump onto the hood of the car

looking in.

The man gets out

He is thin and white.

Wearing a T-shirt, Carhartts

And boots.

He looks angry

And afraid

Not sure whether to

Fight or run.

I pounce onto his chest

Like Tigger.

And ask,

“Why are you afraid?”

“I am afraid you will change my world

And I won’t be able to get it back.”


I get off his chest,

Help him up and let him 

Brush off the dust.

He still appears to be looking

For an opportunity to end me.

Stop it.

Take a breath.

You can just keep moving along

And try to fit yourself back into your tight little reality.

Pretend I never happened.

Or you can face your fear.

What if it’s okay?

What if all is well?

I watch his mind physically 

try to stretch.

It has been dulled so long.

It’s stiff and confused.

Try it on,

All is Well.  

He gets back into his car

In a bit of a daze

And drives away.

I can go back to my bouncing.

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