Can I See Me?

I see you my friend

Your heart is pure

Your effort complete

You are so brave.

I see you my love

Blessed with the extraordinary.

Devoted in service to spirit.

Joyful, Powerful, Delicious Beauty.

I see you my mother

Setting the pace for many.

Embodying your freedom.

Living your truth.

I see you my sister

Unending capacity for love.

Seeking to unravel integrity.

Strength, grace and wisdom.

I see you my daughter

Deliberately choosing your path.

Compassionately listening.

Working to find balance in the world.

I see you my father

Delighted in enlightened change.

Having carried the pain of many.

A safe space to rest my head.

I see you my brother

Never-ending struggle to be enough.

Magical heart and unlimited imagination.

Heavy with responsibility.

I see you world

Sweet sunlight on my tree

Noise of construction

Safe in my home for this moment.

I can see you.

Am I also seeing me?

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