Central Processing Unity

When you were a fetus,

Your brain and Central Nervous System

Became your control center.

At the same time, your gut and body grew

Right next door, ready to sustain you.

Those two parts of you found each other

Somehow growing together.

The roots of each inner community

Meeting and joining at the trunk.

Resources were dictated by the special

Requirements of each type of tissue.

There were enough supplies,

the correct environment

And the right building materials and

a successful organism of you was born!

Your cells are still cooperating with one another

At every moment of every day.

If they did not,

that would be called cancer.

Do those cells feel enslaved and monitored by

The Central Intelligence Agency of you?

That’s a lot of tiny beings to ask.

Maybe I’ll narrow it down to one organ.

I can ask the cellular communities of my own heart:

Do you feel enslaved to keep my brain alive?

They said, “Sometimes.”

My brain laughs at the idea

That it is in control.

Showing me an impression of

nutrients exchanged at the roots of a tree.

Who feeds the brain to keep it alive?

Your gut, but more specifically YOU do.

And what does keep control in our bodies?

Homeostasis: the mechanism of

Sustaining balance through feedback and response.

How is this really achieved?

It is sometimes chemistry, and physics.

There is something else at work.

Something that accounts for:





That something might just be you!

And you in relationship with others.

What choices are you making today?

Are they right for your little inner world?

Are they kind?

Are they healthy?

What if the microcosm IS

The macrocosm as all the ancient texts say?

Can we evolve to a world in which we

Cooperate as a complex organism?

Would greed or fear every be capable of

Running such a complex system?

The constructive and destructive forces

Must be kept in balance to generate life.

I’m so glad you worked yours out

So you can read these musings.

I appreciate you!

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