Heart Light

What is left to be said

About a light heart?

A dark sedan with tinted windows

Squealed out of the parking lot this morning,

Woman slumped over in the passenger seat

Couldn’t make out the plate.

The feeling of darkness,

When you know it’s just not okay.

No cops.

No protection.

I can feel her defeat—hollow numbness.

I can feel his chaos—dangerous from fear.

What can I do?

No phone, they speed out of sight.

The ET song starts playing in my head,

“Turn on your heart light…”

I shine light out from my heart

With a prayer to each,

Woman—Remember Who You Are.

Is this the life you choose?

Man—Remember Who You Are.

This darkness is not you, be strong.

Still feeling heavy after getting home.

Aubrey—Remember Who You Are.

This is their journey—not yours to carry.

Return to your lightness of heart.

My prayer for all of us today,

Remember Who You Are.

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