Resistant to infection.


Not affected or influenced.

You are a few trillion cells working together,

Swimming through an ocean-like environment.

Many trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses

And other beings are swimming too.

This ocean is toxic with chemicals

And vibrating with electromagnetic noise.

How have you made it this far?

Was it through hard work?


Divine intervention?


Do you really know?

Take a moment to feel the fear

Swirling about right now.

Careful now, only dip in a toe

Those are dangerous waters.

Now come back.

Don’t get washed away.

Take another moment to feel the love

That has brought you to now.

All the people, animals, plants and beings.

All the love and laughter moments.

The sudden inspirations.

Warming in the sun.

Passionate surrender.

And sweet lullabies

Weaving the web of strongest influence

Through your life.

You are already lined up with that influence

My friend.

Recognize it and let it wash over you,

Clearing away the rest.

Have you decided to stay on this planet?

Then let’s get to work.

Your body can help you, if you give it a chance.

Feed it.

Exercise it.

Rest it.

Nourish it with love, beauty and hope.

Be inspired by what you can create.

Touch it lovingly and let others love you too.



And, please

Listen to it.

It is talking right now.

Are you listening?

What does YOUR body need?

What is today's step?

Take it.

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