Throughout my childhood 

I had recurring nightmares

About men coming to kill me

They would pop into a random dream

And machine gun me down

Or stab me to death

Or just chase me, intending murder.

It wasn’t very pleasant.

Last night, in my dream

I inadvertently stumbled into the middle

Of a gang shooting some other people

And they saw me.

They started to chase me.

But this dream suddenly changed

I was in a new place

And I was about to get onto an amusement park ride

I had my daughter with me

She was about 5 in the dream

I thought I was too big for the harness, and it would never fit

But it did.

I knew the ride would include

Alligators jumping up at us

So I strapped her up behind me

And we went in.

The first part was a series 

Of electric brush things

Kind of like a carwash

That made my nervous system

Go on high alert.

And somehow we ended up with a man

Who took us directly to the two men

Who were trying to kill me earlier in the dream

Since we were still in the amusement park

They knew they were being watched 

And couldn’t kill me there

But one grabbed my daughter and ran

He started falling down this great staircase

Kind of like Kung Fu Panda

Some inner power in me just came on

I could feel myself bound after them

With incredible speed and strength

It was as if I suddenly was aware I was dreaming

And then I knew I could do anything I wanted...

I magically lifted the men with just my mind

Like Jean Gray

Holding them together at the top of the room

I threatened to erase them

One foot at a time

Unless they gave up their leader.

I erased one man’s left foot

Before he gave up the location of his boss.

The gangster leader was different

He was a powerful man

And not so afraid of dying

I thought about threatening to erase more precious parts

But his strength and courage made me stop.

Instead I magically sent him and his men

To a farm community 

In which they could do go work, feel their healthy contribution

Be fed with good food and appreciated for their strengths

Giving them a healthy purpose made them content and peaceful.

And my daughter stood up

Strong and healthy

With power shining from her heart.

And we took a walk through the alligators

Just for fun.

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