My United States

My roots

At peace when anchored in the mother

My Ancestors whispering

Rebellion, Pain, and Persistence

They give me legs on which

I stand.

My gut

Powerful when engaged

Driven to protect my loved ones

And make my way in this world

It fuels my choice

To risk the next step.

My inner sun


Beauty and Light

Playful destruction of the heaviness

This is me

I am okay!

My Heart

Where We connect

Like a great magnet

Aligned to my values

A compass

Our ultimate protection.

My Throat

An open door

Birthing each new child

Through my mouth

This is MY truth

THIS is my truth.

The Inner Eye

How life sees through me

Curious, vigilant, no emotion

The act of looking in and looking out

The balance of life

Aligned and engaged through me.

My Crown

A sovereign under God.

A vessel for divine will

And the return to nothing

I surrender

Thy will be done.

United we stand

Divided we fall.

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