Need a bud?

The sun is out today.

Still need a coat.

Tree branches wet with

Last night’s rain.

Tiny and delicate white lace flowers

Making their first debut.

Grape-shaped purple Hyacinth standing tall.

Deep magenta Rhodies fully revealed.

Can you feel them all

The many flowers of spring?

Waiting just beneath the earth’s curtain

To emerge into their spotlight?

The clouds and trees gently waving

their applause.

Is my witnessing of their beauty

Part of the dance?

Their eagerness is infectious.

Stirring my desire to respond




I will share my beauty too

In this sacred dance of life.

My petals ready to break through this bud

Showing MY colors to the sun.

The fragrance of my heart

Offered up to be shared.

Mingling with the many, many others

Responding to this call of spring.

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