Oh, the Waters

Can you feel your inner ocean?

Take a moment, find your edges.

Inside all of that skin is mostly water.

The waters that have been shared with you.

Just like the oceans, rivers and streams outside,

The waters in you are alive.

Oh, the waters.

Waters hold the memories of all they have touched,

They dance and move to cleanse and refresh.

When you have pain, physical or emotional,

They slow down, carrying the heaviness with them.

When you are happy, free and moving,

They are free to flow, cleanse, and release.

Sometimes, if pain or joy gets too much,

They rise up—pouring out to the external world to connect.

Oh, the waters.

The waters hold the sacred—across all time.

They cleanse heaviness by their very nature.

How have we treated them, these water beings?

Sometimes awestruck at waterfalls—sometimes poisoning the fish.

We use Holy Water to wash away our demons.

These are waters that we have chosen to bless.

Are your inner oceans holy?

Are you poisoning your fish?

Oh, the waters.

How have you been cleansed?

How have the waters touched and healed you?

Maybe the joy of rain on your face?

Or finding solace in your shower?

Floating in the ocean, letting your pain drift away?

Or letting the waves sync your rhythms to the moon?

Does the water you ingest feel yummy, crisp and loving?

Or are you drinking thoughts of lack or imperfection?

Oh, the waters.

Do you dance freely, moving your inner oceans?

Do you refresh them with clean and loving waters from outside?

Do your forget about your inner oceans

Until your bladder reminds you to move?

Take some time with your water beings today.

They will remember each blessing

And carry the memories of you

Back to the earth when you go.

Oh, the waters.

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