My eyes are indeed red.

I haven’t looked in a mirror yet

But I can feel it.

This flight has been 

Quite pleasant.

Didn’t sleep at all

But rested my eyes.

Sidled up to my wife.  

The cough that has been

Robbing my nights of sleep

Held mostly at bay

By medication.

Over the Atlantic still

So blue out the window

The sun is just appearing.

Puffs of clouds greeting her.

Such busyness

To get to this flight

Hard to believe

We were actually going.

We are.

I set my intention

For us to be WOWed on this trip.

Let’s go big!

What else is possible?

After the logistics of travel

And eating

And sleeping a bit

Of course.

Hot towel for my face

How simple

And wonderful.

Thinking of our dog

Hope he’s okay without us.

He doesn’t punish us when we return

Like the cat.

Only 45 minutes to landing.

Land below!

With wind from the east at 10 degrees

Must be Celsius

Something calming about 

British accents all around

A distinct politeness

Not American.

Here we go!